the night job

Miss Behave's Game Show

The beginning of 2015 was mostly about finding a new place to live (and then working out how to pay for it), but once that was all sorted and I was back to working 5-day weeks the universe decided that was a great time for me to get back into photography, it seems like I […]

Nomadic photos

NYC Downlow

Where to put my photos seems to be a perennial question. I’ve stuck with Flickr for a decade now but uninspired by their sudden redesign I’ve finally ran out of patience. So where to next? I’ve been getting into Instagram and Twitter more this year, I had high hopes for Instagram particularly as it’s for […]

my first backbone.js

Cross-posted from I’ve worked with a few javascript MVC frameworks before, but I’ve never used one to build something from the ground up. It’s been really interesting not only because of that but because I was working on something that had already been fleshed out in the proof of concept stage, so I figured […]

‘just’ html

Cross-posted from As a front end developer I’ve always operated in the weird no man’s land between web design and software development, doing work that can mostly be described as tinkering and jury-rigging. Years ago it was mostly making the app look like the design, making the design fit the copy and wiring the […]

Easter Douchebag

Because everyone love seasonal chocolate and bunny ears. Flickr!

jQ UK 2015


Getting up early for a conference in another city is always an unwelcome jolt, though a train ride through a crisp early morning can be a nice novelty. Besides Oxford was lovely once I got there; the jQuery UK Conference I was there for hidden down a pretty canal. It’s got to be one of […]

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