Thinking of gettinglit by Dan?

Why you?

Promoting yourself as a brand or performer? Want to boost self confidence and explore self-image in a safe, creative space? Reaching a milestone you want to celebrate? Happen to be visiting London and want to schedule a stop? You're in luck!

Why me?

I'm informed by a decade of queer nightlife photography and over 160 shoots celebrating queers in a relaxed, respectful and most of all FUN environment. Whether you want to lean into the bright colours and bubbles I'm known for, or something a bit more restrained, we'll have a laugh getting there!

How does it work?

At my home in Whitechapel we'll start with a sit down and a chat, then we'll work through a variety of lighting setups, colours and poses. You'll be able to see the shots on a laptop as we go, so we both know we're on the right track. A few days after the shoot you'll get an invite to an online album where you can see the edits in progress, and pick your favourites.


Commission - £120

If you know exactly what you want, we can quickly set it up with a few variations, to make sure we get that look you’re after.

  • Up to 1 hour
  • Pre paid
  • 6 retouched images included, more for £15 each

Creative - £250

Want to look great but you're not sure how? This gives us time to explore a range of poses and techniques and find what works for you.

  • Up to 2.5 hours
  • 1 or 2 people
  • £100 deposit + £150 on the day
  • 10 retouched images included, more for £15 each

Everything I earn from commissions goes back into photography equipment and pushing my practice forward, so email me at now!