Commissioning a shoot

See yourself in a different light

Treat yourself to the lightbydan experience

  • Boost self-confidence & explore self-image in a safe, creative space
  • Promote yourself as a performer or brand
  • Celebrate a milestone?
  • Maybe even give an unusual gift to a loved one!

I’ve done 200 shoots celebrating my subjects in a relaxed, respectful & most of all FUN environment. Whether you want to lean into the bright colours & bubbles I’m known for, or something more restrained, we’ll have a laugh getting there!


Pick a slot size depending on what you need & we'll have fun throwing ideas & light around

Quick evening shoot

If you have a decent idea of what you need we can quickly set it up & take you there! We'll add a few variations, to make sure we get that look you’re after.

  • Evening shoot
  • Up to 1 hour
  • 6 retouched images included
  • 50% non-refundable deposit
  • Extra retouched images extras £15 each
  • Be part of my portfolio or stay private
  • 20% discount on prints
Pick the quick package

Longer weekend shoot

Ideal if you want to look great but you're not sure how! We'll have time to explore a range of techniques & find what works for you, while we discuss self image, queer culture or our favourite cakes.

  • Weekend shoot
  • Up to 2 hours
  • 12 retouched images included
  • Video call ahead of the date
  • 50% non-refundable deposit
  • Extra retouched images extras £15 each
  • Be part of my portfolio or stay private
  • 20% discount on prints
Choose the relaxed option

Don’t just take my word for it...

Here’s a few words about what the experience is like from those who know; have a lil swipe, go on.


“Dan was awesome to work with! It was my first time in front of the camera and he made everything feel natural, comfortable and most importantly, enjoyable!”

— Joao

“Shooting with Dan was an absolute delight! I felt at ease the moment I walked in his studio, and very much appreciated his collaborative working style. 10/10 would shoot with him again.”

— Zach

“I felt empowered, inspired & free”

— Reuben

“I don’t often feel comfortable in my own skin, but Dan made it feel very easy and my initial nerves went away instantly. Plus the final photos were incredible.”

— Abhi

My shoots are always fun, relaxed and usually colourful, and while my bread and butter is first -timers looking for help reaching outside of their comfort zone, I also do a few other portrait genres.

From showing off your gains with a fitness shoot , promoting your performer chops in a drag shoot , going on a cute adventure with your other half in a couple shoot , or even just headshots for the workplace, I’ve got you covered.

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Get in touch and we’ll discuss ideas and vibes, chose a package and book in a date!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The collected wonderings of 5 years of portrait photography

  • It starts with an email; we'll discuss ideas & vibes to make sure I can give you what you're after, then we'll book in a date & I'll invoice you for a deposit.
  • Believe it or not I shoot in my front room! So it's comfortable if chaotic. It's near Whitechapel station in East London, so it's very easy to get to.

  • All the better, that's what I'm here for! Most of my shoots are first timers, & I'm very practiced at making people feel comfortable first, partly because I'm an anxious nerd myself.
  • I mostly just shoot in at my home in London, but I have done natural light shoots at people's homes & once I took all my studio gear across to south london to do a shibari collab that was amazing. Taking photos in an aerial studio is definitely on my bucket list!
  • You can! I have a print shop set up on Shopify & fulfilled by with a selection of images for sale, & I can organise custom prints for you too!
  • Of course! A few have already, you just have to be sure they'd be up for it!
  • Before any photos see the light of day I show them to the models via an online gallery, so they have a chance to give their opinions & veto any that they don't like! It makes the process slower but it guarantees we're only putting out work that we both like. Also keeps things from getting too samey, everyone has different opinions about how they look.
  • Colours is sort of my thing but I do shoot with white or natural light when the occasion calls for it!
  • LIES, you look great. And besides looking good isn't even the main point of my shoots, they're safe spaces to have fun playing with light, identity & self-image. Looking great in photos is just a happy bi-product!
  • Aha why thank you question asker! I play with a mixture of LED panels & strobes with gels.
  • For commissions there's the contact form above, for any questions or feedback anything else really feel free to email me at, I'd love to to have more FAQs to add to the list!