About Dan

A series of hobbies that have spun wildly out of control

Hello there! I have 4 names, one is Scottish, one Spanish, and one Italian.
The other name is Dan.

I made this site to celebrate and promote my photography work, so as well as taking all the photos I also designed, built and wrote everything. If you love it, great! But if there's anything broken on it that's on me so please let me know!

TLDR: I've taken hundreds of thousands of pics, starting with friends on nights out, then club photography, assorted queer events, drag, performance and cabaret. Now I take that spirit of joy and vulnerability into my own brand of silly colourful portraiture.

For more detail, read on!

Club photography


For years I'd loved snapping pics of friends on nights out; before everyone had a phone camera I was self-designated documentor

After moving to east London I followed the cliche and started club photography for a few of my favourite haunts like Pie & Mash, Shake Yer Dix, Sink the Pink, Douchebag, Songs of Praise, and Push the Button.

I just loved capturing moments of unguarded joy and showing people the fun they'd forgotten.

Fly on the wall


As I made more friends in the queer club scene, so many of them were amazing performers that I felt pretty out of place. To feel like I was contributing something I photographed drag shows and performers, spending most evenings editing photos to feel less like a tourist.

I loved it though, capturing backstage chaos, pre-show setups, and after-show parties. As an anxious nerd who struggles to talk himself into places he's supposed to be in, it felt like a huge privilege to be in these spaces taking behind-the-scenes candids.

I was in-house photographer for The ShayShay Show, did bits for Knickerbocker, Sunday Funday and Cybil's House, and shot Harry Clayton-Wright across many of their projects. Through Harry I even got to shoot a few cabaret acts at the Edinburgh Fringe, and especially the wild ride that was photographing the Miss Behave Gameshow .

Light by me


While still deep in nightlife I was inspired to recreate that queer basement vibe in a makeshift home studio, with colour, vulnerability and joy. Most "male" portraiture at the time was so blandly "masc" that it didn't speak to me at all, so I wanted to add my own take.

I experimented with myself first, taking photos that I never expected to see the light of day. It seemed to work though, and I invited friends to model for me, throwing light around for fun.

I worked with drag artists and other performers a lot too as they were amazing creative collaborators and often needed imagery for promotions. I even had an exhibition of London drag at Dalston Superstore in 2018 which was crazy.



As an artist I'm interested in exploring expressions of queerness, gender & sexuality through my surreal technicolour lens. I don't have time to shoot nearly as much as I'd like, but I'm still driven to push my practice forward and love making creative connections. In learning more about others I learn more about the world, and myself, and it's always a thrill to show people a new side of themselves!

When I did event photography I always aimed to shoot situations rather than things. Now my focus is portraiture, I prefer to aim for authentic vibes and feelings rather than just bodies.

So how do you want to feel?