web conferences for 2015

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In 2014, unshackled from the time constraints and employer oversight of full-time employment, I was able to attend a few conferences and workshops(*), including 2 and 3 day affairs where I had to book a hotel and everything. It was quite fancy but I’m not sure I got the full experience; listening to loads of interesting speakers is great but it puts me in a pretty thoughtful and introspective mood, which isn’t great for chatting to strangers at after parties. It’s great getting all the ideas and taking photos but as I’m paying for it all myself now I should look for a decent ROI…

So this year I’m trying to cut down a bit, but there’s still some I’ve been to before, know are good, and given the option, just can’t resist!

reasons: london

The spiritual successor to Flash On The Beach, reasonsto felt a bit stretched out over 3 days, so I’m hoping the 1-day version might be a better fit. It also helps that it’s 20 minutes walk from where I live.

jquery uk

A 1 day 2-track conf out in Oxford, last time I went there was an impressive breadth of scripty web nift, from performance to sockets to promises to ECMA scripts 6 to (obviously) the pros and cons of jQ itself.

responsive day out

I loved the first Responsive Day Out; at the time I was neck deep in the theory and practice of those disciplines, but also the fast-paced format was relentlessly interesting, plus it was one of the cheapest confs I’ve ever been to! Bless Clearleft. I wasn’t able to go to the second one because it clashed with Glastonbury but this year’s doesn’t! Hope I can get a ticket.


This was another surprise hit for me in 2013. I wasn’t expecting too much even though typography is adjacent to most everything I build I was worried it might tangent off into print and physical media too much but I needn’t have worried. The speakers just blew me away.

The dates are already starting to pile up! Though I still plan to steer clear of multi-day conferences I will keep an an eye out for Full Frontal and dConstruct, two brighton conferences I’ve enjoyed before. I hope there are none I’m missing, the tickets for these things can sell like hot cakes!

(*)Confs & workshops I attended 2014

  • MK Geek Night All Dayer
  • London JS Conf
  • CSS Architecture For Big Front-Ends with Harry Roberts
  • Mobile Photography with Dan Rubin
  • Reasons to be Creative
  • dConstruct
  • BIRDIE Conference
  • The Web Is