the night job

The beginning of 2015 was mostly about finding a new place to live (and then working out how to pay for it), but once that was all sorted and I was back to working 5-day weeks the universe decided that was a great time for me to get back into photography, it seems like I spent all of August to November hunched over a computer editing! It’s been so much fun (and hard work) and it’s been great seeing all the places my pictures have ended up.

Miss Behave’s Gameshow

I’d seen Miss Behave’s Gameshow a few times already, where the lovely Amy is the titular demagogic ringmaster and my good friend Harry the whirlwind sidekick in tiny pants. Watching how they riff off each other and conspire in plain sight was such a joy. I’d taken pics for them the previous last year and this time they asked me back to snap all their shows at the awesome London Wonderground.

Throw a pose…no one will realise you've broken your heel ☎️ stunning by @purenift #mbgs

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There was lots of hanging out backstage, dodging out of the way of Briefs Boys‘s costume changes (who were performing out front while Amy and Harry prepped their show), learning where the best shots came from, wondering how in the hell I’d taken thousands of photos, and many nights finding the best shots to use in time for promoting the next week’s show! Was fun to see my snaps show up on a couple of reviews as well as the social medias of the venue and performers.

Push the Button & RVT Future

I’ve done a some club photography for Push The Button in 2015 and before, and while they normally just end up on Facebook, recently some have been fronting the Future of the RVT, a grass roots campaign which has been successful in getting the historic pub and venue listed. On the back of that some of my snaps have ended up on BBC News, the Evening Standard and Dazed Online, so that’s nice.

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The other place I regularly do photos for is Douchebag at The Star of Bethnal Green. For this Halloween they had a photo of mine in Time Out to promote it!

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Halloween Douchebag is regularly one of my favourite nights of the year , the pics from the last one are on there now. I love the night, the photos and the vibe of them but sometimes Facebook does seem like a hollow place for all that work to end up sometimes.

All Stars At Sea: Europe

Ok so nobody really *invited me* to take pictures on the drag cruise, though Al & Chuck asked to use my snaps from the last cruise I didn’t realise they meant in perpetuity or I’d have asked for some money! Without a proper mandate I can be even shyer about snapping people but having so many amazing queens together was a great opportunity to practice and get some beautiful photos of their performances as well as all the scenic day trips.

Where next in 2016?

I’m excited to take my new Olympus E-M5ii to more places to practice the kind of events and documentary stuff that I love so much. Inspired by 2015 I’d love to spend the full month in Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival shooting performances, and do something at Glastonbury and Yo Sissy in Berlin. It would be great to come up with some projects or different outlets, but for the moment I need to clear my backlog!

Next step will be redoing my website with a focus on photography, but until then there are plenty channels for #content; Instagram for regular picks of pics, Twitter to follow my curt ramblings, Tumblr for an overview of everything I’ve papped recently, or *ugh* Facebook.


Happy New Year and thanks so much for reading!