Thinking of gettinglit by Dan?

A professional shoot is great for visual promotion if you’re a performer or brand, but where this experience shines is as an opportunity for exploring self-image in a safe environment. Plus being art is fun!

At my home studio in Mile End we'll work through a variety of lighting setups, colours and poses, conferring over the shots as we go. Everyone gets to veto everything, so we only put out what we're both happy with.



  • £150
  • up to 1hr shoot
  • 6 final portraits included

If you know exactly what you want, we can quickly set it up, try a few variations, and get that look you’re after.

Creative shoot

  • £250
  • 2hr shoot
  • 8 portraits included
  • 1 or 2 people

For those that want to look great, but they're not sure how, this option gives us time to explore and experiment and find what works for you, with a wider range of poses and techniques.

Extra final shots are available for £15 each if you just can't decide. I do headshots and drag shoots too, so email to discuss!