Nomadic photos

Where to put my photos seems to be a perennial question. I’ve stuck with Flickr for a decade now but uninspired by their sudden redesign I’ve finally ran out of patience. So where to next?

I’ve been getting into Instagram and Twitter more this year, I had high hopes for Instagram particularly as it’s for photos and very social, and while it’s great for seeing what people are up to in a managable way, it’s not actually great for “photography”. There are two things that I’ve noticed getting a lot of traction: photos with a minimal or geometric esthetic that are very arresting even viewed at a small size (beautiful but not really me), aaaand selfies. I’m pretty conflicted that my favourite pictures I’ve ever taken get way less love than an offhand selfie, but every medium has its quirks.

I’m loving Twitter for its immediacy, ambient psuedo-socialisation and aspirational followings, but it’s not great for photos as they quickly float downstream.

Facebook is decent for circulating pics around friends, but I kinda hate the rest of it. All it’s good for these days is logging on once a day, liking various algorithmically-approved “I got the job” type life milestones, contributing to the conversation thread that got most comments that day, then logging out. Time-sensitive statuses like “I’m on my way” or “does anyone want to go to the cinema” only seem to pop up a day or two later. It’s pretty frustrating and I’m not investing anything into that weird-ass ecosystem, I only stick around for the events.

So I tried pastures new and set up a very LTTP Tumblr. The system seems to be afflicted with the same Yahoo curse of frozen development that Flickr suffered under for so long, but on the plus side there’s a lot of control over theming, and surprisingly the limit of 10 photos per album is proving a productive constraint. I’ve put selections of my photos up there from the last year and a half, and eventually they’ll go back to at least 2012. I’ve only been tinkering with it for a few weeks so I don’t grok it at all but for the moment it’s serving as a pretty nice portfolio.

So yeah, click some links and look at some photos!