Drawing on ten yearsof queer nightlife

Club photography

I started documenting nights out with friends in 2008, capturing moments of unguarded joy (while skipping some of the mess), it was nice showing people the fun they'd forgotten!

After moving to east London I started club photography for a few of my favourite haunts like Shake Yer Dix, Douchebag and Push the Button. Even with practice I found it awkward asking randoms if I could take their photo, but I developed a documentary style aiming for genuine fun moments, that I maintain still.

Performers and performances

Having learned as much as I could from clubs and crowds, my focus moved towards drag and cabaret, club kids and performers, especially those I was lucky enough to call friends at the time.

My first real foray into portraiture was a collaborative crusade to learn from, signal-boost and celebrate some of the local icons I knew from queer creative nights like Sink the Pink, The ShayShay Show, Sunday Funday, Cybil's House, Savage and Knickerbocker.

Living Vivid

In autumn 2018, I had an opportunity to show an exhibition at Dalston Superstore; forty portraits of kings and queens displayed for two months in the same scene that most of them came up in: The circle complete.

Light By Dan

But now it's all about the portraits; I love making real connections with people, finding out about them and maybe even changing the way they see themselves.

Check out the gallery for everyone I've ever lit, or find out about shoots if you're interested in getting some of the magic for yourself!