(My) 2014

2014 has been a pretty terrifying year if you look at the news. Or maybe we’re only being made more aware of the horror? Still, from Ukraine to Ukip, Ferguson to Ebola, the No thanks vote, #Gamergate, Yewtree, Robin Williams RIP, to everyone going apeshit for icicles it’s all ugh. So I’m going to get seasonally solipsistic and just write about what I know: Me me me.

It’s been ridiculous; I’ve had the definite sensation that 2014 was where I went off-script, which is strange as I didn’t have the merest semblance of a plan, never mind a script. In my early 20s I was ashamed that I always I had no clue, so in my late 20s I had it all down. Now in my early 30s I’m clueless again, but I’m glad.

The biggest change was going freelance: a much steeper learning curve, more money, and more time off to worry about a lack of money. At the moment I work two variable part-time jobs which takes some of the uncertainty out of it, but that could all change at the drop of a hat. It’s been worth it though: being so much closer to the design side, super quick turnarounds, getting sites live in days/weeks instead of months/years, and as a bonus most of my work’s now in JavaScript which has long been the awkward gap in my skill set.

No longer needing to get sign-off for conferences I went to more than usual: 12 Devs of Winter, MK Geek Night All Dayer, London JS Conf, a workshop with Harry Roberts, Reasons to be Creative, dConstruct, BIRDIE Conference and The Web Is. A whole week away in Brighton thinking beautiful thoughts and a few days in Cardiff was lovely but I’m not sure multi-day conferences are my bag: I don’t do networking and costs of hotels and trains adds up.

2014 also seemed to be the year of Drag, starting with seeing DWV at The Meth Lab in Camden, the first time I’d seen any Ru girls in the flesh. I’ve been back a few times since as they shipped in more queens from across the pond, but I saw way more on the super surreal Drag Race Cruise; puttering about a ship with a gaggle of ridiculously talented and fully realised performers working through their various dissociative identity disorders, while the ship puttering about the Mediterranean, stopping in a different city every morning.

Elsewhere every party was a wig party, everyone started drinking Prosecco instead of water, and in unrelated news my 30’s finally caught up with me and now hangovers are EVIL. Glastonbury was about as as awesome as I’d hoped, it surprises me in new ways every time. Caught the end of the Edinburgh Festival, because whynot. Took pics of Harry and Dom performing at Bristol Pride, because whynot. Taking pics of Harry and Amy at Miss Behave’s Gameshow was a real treat. I spent my birthday in Venice with Dom instead of whichever club du jour which was a big change, as was spending Christmas with his lovely extended family, eating ALL. THE. THINGS.

It’s been a ride, but with everything that was going on and the relentless pace of work I’ve felt overwhelmed a few times. While it’s been great stretching myself I guess it’s inevitable I find some of the edges; my crashes have been messier and I’ve fallen behind with photos, blogposts and generally seeing people way more than I’d like. So I guess that’s the start of the list of things to work on in 2015!