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(My) 2014

2014 has been a pretty terrifying year if you look at the news. Or maybe we’re only being made more aware of the horror? Still, from Ukraine to Ukip, Ferguson to Ebola, the No thanks vote, #Gamergate, Yewtree, Robin Williams RIP, to everyone going apeshit for icicles it’s all ugh. So I’m going to get […]

Count to ten

I don’t really like the word depression; it’s terribly reductive and misunderstood by most, probably myself among them. But I was just watching a panel on depression at TheWebIs as part of Geek Mental Help Week which struck home on a fair few points, and what with the discussions around Robin Williams’ death a few […]

cake on tap

(Cross posted from the company blog at MetaBroadcast) Hello! I’m Dan. I insist I’m not really a programmer, or a designer or even a photographer, but I’m probably all three. My crippling impostor syndrome battles daily my addiction to creating Stuff, so I compulsively whittle words, code and photos until they’re so supernaturally shiny that […]

Subcontracting: fun but hard

I’d spent 3 months thinking about going freelance before I made the jump, so I had a pretty good handle on what it would involve. Or I thought I did! Faff with the finances Yes but 3 months worth?? I was living off savings until the financial stars aligned and I could actually get paid. […]

Welcoming 2014

It’s that time of year again: reflection, resolutions, annual report cards. 2013 was pretty good! Did most of last year’s aims, found an awesome flat with Scott and Bob, improved physically (then threw it away over christmas), went on holiday to Florence, got a new camera and built up a flickr stream I’m fairly proud […]


For the longest time I’d been stuck in the comfortable rut of a job that paid OK but wasn’t going anywhere. I could only afford the odd shiny if I didn’t save, so the idea of buying a flat seemed ridiculous, unreachable, totally irrelevant. New year, new job, new outlook? Given the relatively comparable incomes, the […]

Dripping electrics

Last week I went to the kitchen just before bed to find myself unexpectedly paddling. It was disorienting getting dripped on in the dark in your own flat, but I flipped the fuses, Scott laid out towels and pans and Lewis went upstairs to shout at the idiot neighbour with the leaking bath. It wasn’t […]

Fasting days

Yesterday I had an apple for lunch and popcorn for dinner. Apparently eating very little for two days a week is a thing, so I thought I’d give it a shot for a month or two. Normally I’d just eat less daily but that’s tricky when Dom cooks ridiculously tasty (not to mention healthy) food […]

Working in the city, ish.

I currently live near the east side of “The City” and the new job at VML is on its west side, so I walk across the whole skyscraper-studded banker-infestation at least daily. It’s fun passing under the new Leadenhall Building AKA the “Cheese Grater” or the “Walky Talky” on Fenchurch Street and seeing the giant skeletons rising. It’s also a […]

Looking forward to 2013

Happy new year everyone! Also happy hangover and pyjama day! New Year’s resolutions are deathly prosaic but I regret not writing them up last year: they show whether I’ve made much progress or I’m just going round in the same circles like a good little worker drone. Even so, 2012 was pretty sweet! The only […]

The Itch

There’s something about basking in the talent of friends: Watching a gig by Gabi & The Whoremoans (best version of Love Shack I’ve ever heard), seeing what Harry and Cola have put together for Push The Button, laughing at Cribble’s latest animation or just being stunned by Ego’s drawings. It’s humbling, inspiring, even enviable, but more than that it makes awesomeness much […]

Birthdays evrywhur

Saturday was the 1st birthday of Songs of Praise at Eastbloc which was amazing. I lamed out and left at near 3 but it was still in full flow. Pics up on Danpaps! Speaking of birthdays, it’s my 31st today. It’s been a crazy productive year: starting doing photography for clubs and such, two(!!!) holidays […]

End of an era

Last week I handed in my notice at MRM after three company names, four job titles, three CEOs and six and a half years. That’d be scary and exciting at the best of times, but what made it more so was that I didn’t have another job to go to! I’d been debating whether to go […]

Lympic come, Lympic go.

I’ll be honest, the Olympics pretty much passed me by. I watched the opening and closing ceremonies on the tele like a good citizen, so at least I knew what I was supposed to have Opinions about, but apart from that the closest I came to the vibrancy and excitement of an international event was […]

Office lolatics

My work had their office summer party last week in the half-finished refurbished cafe / social area downstairs, which was nice. Bar was free, M&S was raided for a months worth of fingerfood and people were split into teams and told to dress up in a “british” theme. I escaped from that dreadful fate by […]

2011 Resolutions: story so far

A month and a half in, and 2011’s been pretty excellent so far. But I did have some aims at the outset so a quick overview might keep me vaguely on track. Work out more FAIL. 4srs. When I have the time I don’t have the energy and vice versa. Need to MTFU and work […]

The year I turn 30: Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone! Time to get a grip! Some of these resolutions are repeats of previous years but hey. Work out more. I already know all the exercises and have even gotten whey protein supplements, so I’m hoping to build on that. Work harder at my job and on other web-based stuffs. Banning thingbox […]

On being hawsome.

WARNING: THIS ENTRY CONTAINS NAVEL-GAZING On Saturday I freaked out and kinda jumped the tracks a bit. It was just a party, I just drank (WAY) too much, and my friends have just chalked it up as a messy one and no more need be said. But I feel like it was a several-year low: […]


Bad things IKEA delivery time. I have to wait 2 weeks til I can properly put my room in order. Royal Fail: after a month or so of trying to get a shiny contract phone via various means I’m currently being thwarted by a backlog at Royal Mail. It’s been en route almost a week, […]

Take a breath

So in the past month I’ve had a hectic period where I’ve been too busy to think, and then a slightly calmer time when I managed to finish off this website! The initial scope anyway, there’s always going to be a list of tweaks and improvements. I need to add an “all” and a “close” […]