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Electro Night @ The Star Of Bethnal Green Pix on the Dix page

The Treachery of Alt tags

(Cross posted from VML) Updates to web browsers come so quickly (we’re on Chrome version 27!) that it’s easy to forget Internet Explorer 6 was the most popular web browser – not to mention the best Microsoft had to offer – for five long years. As a web developer I used to curse IE6 daily, and though […]

Crisis Run

VML @ the Crisis Run charity relay VML London page

Sink the pink is FIT

@ Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club I can’t take the glamour. Ridic pics


@ The Star Of Bethnal Green Hanky code themed, but they were mainly used to wipe sweat. Album on the Douchebag page


SONGS OF PRAISE @ East Bloc Awesome sweaty multi-room pop shenanigans Full album on Danpaps

The drawing board

I’m working on a new version of all this. AGAIN. Tooling up with command line stuff like ruby, git and grunt, learning the nifty nuances of Sublime Text 2 and trying out all the CSS preprocessors. LESS is OK, Stylus wound me up the wrong way, I’m probably going with SASS in spite of it […]

Coco the Cat

I’m dubious about posts where the pic has nothing to do with the prose, but I also have a lot of nice photos about which I have very little to say. I’m not sure how to resolve this. Does it even matter? In the meantime here’s a cat called Coco.

Bizzy bee

This week I’ve been working in Grunt, Git and Less, on a mobile-first redesign of this blog based on the beeb’s approach. I’ve also edited a couple of night’s worth of photos and finished Bioshock Infinite (which barring one clanger is awesome). Today’s been learning about writing contextual JIT modular plugins at an Advanced jQuery […]

Pass This On

@ The Palatine Bar & Gallery INTERGALACTIC. Fans and boogie. Danpaps Album

Responsive Day Out

The Responsive Day Out was a barebones web conference put on by Jeremy Keith et al in Brighton. It had an engaging fast-paced format and served as a great state of the nation on the practical aspects of RWD. I’ve sketched together a few of the points I found most interesting… Sorry, it got pretty long. […]


@ The Star Of Bethnal Green Easter Sunday Douchebag DouchebagParty


@ Royal Vauxhall Tavern Standing in for the lovely Maya at the Spice Girls themed Push The Button: Harry Clayton-Write, Cola Phalquero and the Dream Bears oh my! All the snaps


Despite joining Twitter in summer ’07 I didn’t use it much at first. As I was pretty early I should have gotten a useful name like dangovan or danielgovan, but instead I plumped for mochaholic. Idiot. Who knew it would catch on so? It certainly did with me – I passed 10,000 tweets a few […]

Information overload

So a couple of weeks ago I went to a Responsive Day Out in Brighton which was amazing. It’s always inspiring to see super smart people extol the virtues of “the way it should be done”. As per usual I came back home vaguely disgusted at the state of this site; I wanted to scrap […]

Sim City

You probably heard about EA’s terrible Sim City launch last week. It’s one of those games that you have to be online to play, even if you want to play alone. That doubly sucks coz it means that when EA have hardware issues and no server available to log into, you can’t play at all. […]