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Agency Siloing

I wrote recently about my love of conferences; among other things they’re a great for getting a sense of what’s going on outside the office in the wider world of webmongering. One thing that always surprises is they’re chock full of designer-developers, exotic cross-disciplinary creatures that represent a distant ideal to me. Where do they […]

Europa Universalis IV

I was one of those kids who thumbed through medieval history books and coloured in atlases with empires imaginary or real. Carolingian vs Byzantine was always a good one. A couple of decades later I’m more a gamer than a colourer-in so I’m quite excited about both of the grand historical strategy game sequels out […]

VML on the common

@ Clapham Common Work charity / team building / day in the park Flickr Set

Introverted conference junkie

I’ve been to a fair few conferences since my first in 2007; this year alone I’ll have attended six and I had to stop myself from adding a couple more. I love them for the ideas and the inspiration, every one is like a uni lecture on your favourite subject by your favourite lecturer. It’s […]

Hot Spex 2

@ The RVT Harry, David, Ben and Brydie being brilliant. Fourty Facebook Fotos


@ The Brighton Dome First time taking the big camera to one of the many conferences I frequent. Flickr Set

Parsing for fun

Creatively I’m an editor, a curator. I take things, move them around, tweak, reorder, refine, tell a story. In terms of photography I mostly document what’s there. I think I’m getting better at setting up the shot and playing with light, but as for telling people how to arrange themselves, forget it. Clueless! The real work begins once I get the pics back to my computer, but I’m starting to think I’m overdoing it slightly.

For every photo I have to work out if it’s any good:

  • Is the focus sharp?
  • Is there a clear object?
  • Could it be improved with a better crop, light balance or levels?
  • Is it shiny?

Then there’s the part it plays in the narrative:

  • Does it look busy?
  • Does it tell the story of the night?
  • Are there more smiling faces than glum faces?
  • Is there too much derpface?
  • Will it show a good mix of people?
  • Would it make a decent GIF?

Given I have four to seven hundred photos in a set, it’s a lot of questions, and it takes hours to whittle that down to the few dozen that I put up on Facebook and the handful of favourites I put on my Flickr.

Baby Tap

@ Douchebag @ Star of Bethnal Green Intense set followed by the best Douching since New Year’s! Pics mangled by facebook

Kylie fanboys

Push The Button @ The RVT The Dreambears and a few hundred fans pay homoge to the pop Princess. Album on the FB Page

LGBT Russia Protest

@ Whitehall Handful of pics that don’t do it justice. Album HEER

ICY Gays

@ the ICA Gallery Unfeasibly good. Should have taken the next day off work. GLAMOUR & DRAMA

Fools rush in

As a front end web dev it’s standard for a producer to give me a site to build, telling me to start with a given page. I often have no knowledge of the project but like a good little worker I open up the right PhotoShop comp and get straight to work styling it up. […]

StP: The Wedding

@ Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club Matrimonial edition, new camera, shiny shiny. Paps @ paps page

Normal service resumed

As I’m all done with this site (i.e. everything remaining has been pushed to the nebulous land of “phase 2”) I should probably start blogging again. Not done it in months! So what’s new. Apart from this site, obviously. Isn’t it nice? Though I still think the pages need work… I also got a shiny […]

VML Summer Party

Sunny rooftop summer party. Free bar! Limbo dancing? Early night. Selected snaps

So, I guess it’s done.

I’ve been working my ass off on this new personal site over the past four months (half the time of the last redesign), and I’d begun to lose perspective. I feel like the code’s beginning to fray and there might be other symptoms of my myopia, so it’s time to put it live and take […]

Electroclash Yr Dix

Shake Yer Dix @ The Star Of Bethnal Green New camera shenanigans coming along well Album HEER

Super Electric Party Machine

Super Electric Party Machine with Sharon Needles, Ssion, Larry Tee, Attackattackattack, Mikey Woodbridge @ XOYO London Much more Party Monster than Party City. More gig snaps