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First week back…

I really must stop displacement stressing; it’s too effective a method of procrastination. Although when I am as stressed as I have been the past couple of days I completely lose any sort of appetite, thus saving on food! 🙂 Though possibly not eating a meal for three days isn’t a good thing. But unfortunately […]

Mullward bound

Eh? Will, what’s all this “Title” and “Photo ID” shenanigans? Anyhoo, I’m at home in lovely Edinburgh currently engrossed in a compelling blend of Manga and Warcraft 3, and just about ready to kill my family for being intrinsically annoying, but that’s OK coz I’m spending the next four days with more-old-school-friends-than-should-really-be-allowed-to-fit-in-a-six-bed-cottage-type-place on Mull. ‘Course […]


Heh, I managed to pack in a record 30 minutes this morning =) I was out the house before seven to bear witness to the lovely weather that stretched all day and all the way to Edinburgh. I love it when i see the sun rise and set, though its much less of a challenge […]

Silly Wabson!

Spent silly amount of time in Xananas trying many different types of coffee and Not-Working to the max. Much apologies to Matt and James for saying “Awww”, periodically throughout our time there, and for the whole Eeyore incident. Actually I’m not really very apologetic at all, I just thought I’d do my bit to perpetuate […]

Edinburgh burning

Friday night was really good, which was a pleasant surprise. They should sell sweets in the union every night!! Had excelent chat with a coupla peeps, and spoke to a couple more that I hadn’t met before, which usually makes my night in itself =) On a much more real-life and scary note: […]


*phew* Thought I forgot my password for a second, that was a close one. RAHRAHRAHRANTRANTRANT Don’t actually have anything to rant about though I thought I’d make the effort. Last blog seems to have confused some people, doesn’t surprise me, I’m incapable of saying something as honest as that started out to be without warping […]

Stress monkey

I’m on the threshold of fucking up a significant part of my course right now. While doing well in another significant part of the course, but still. It’s worrying. There are too many CATs flying around at the moment, there really are. I’m going to bottle the alarm I feel right now and use it […]

The Vaults

Gah! Too much matrices! They have computers to do this sorta stuff! And bastarding structural mechanics analysis too, who can really be arsed with methods of sections? Its like mowing a lawn with nail scissors! Give me fluids any day, its so much more interesting. And, appropriately it seems, so much harder. The Vaults on […]

Random monday morning

Aaah, Monday morning, out the house at 7 o’clock to go to a loverly 9 o’clock lecture, gawd bless those timetable-ers and those road works peeps. (I assume there are road works peeps as there are large holes in the road, though I haven’t actually viddied any of them myself) The sun is shining picturesquely […]

Birthday thanks

Rah, BDay 17 hours. Hangover slowly receding. I’d thought I’d just say a general thank you to everybody who was out at bows last night. If that’s not the most Warwick peeps I’ve ever seen out at once then its definitely the largest number of peeps I know I’ve seen out at once. Friends, I […]

21st Birthday

“Everyone has to go” to bows tonight coz it’s my frikkin 21st birthday, and I’ll be taking names of any no-shows and getting them etched into the blade of my machette. ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! And I still haven’t spoken to another living soul. But I have 1 mass present w/ card and 1 lovely happy-birthday-text’s […]


Rah! Just spent a couple of hours eating different types of desserts and coffee and gaping at the talent (there was a pre-FLC influx) in Xanana’s, now why cant there be a few guys that nice in bows, or pride, or just generally ‘around’? Just a couple of dozen, that would do nicely. Comedy Mikey […]

Warwick Pride week

Sneaking out of Pride duties soon to watch About a Boy with a load of wabson-affilliated peeps, so that should be good, providing I don’t fall asleep in the trailers. Never seen it before you see 🙂 And then to topB, were we will be throwing literally hundreds of lolly pops at people, some of […]

Post DV8

Fab night on Saturday! Stayed vaguely sober and danced for 4 hours. Still got stomach cramps now though, food poisoning? Well the burger bar in DV8 isn’t the most hygienic place ever… As for the last topB of the year; Yaay! Not-so-sober then; piggyback mishap resulted in me falling on my ear. A strange and […]

Dignity is overrated

I am never drinking that much ever again! I would say I’m never drinking again, but I already have done last night, so there goes that idea. I must confess its been interesting finding out what I got up to on Thursday, having precious little recollection myself beyond putting my coat away. Everybody has a […]

‘Ack, ack and urgle.

Yesterday night me and my flatmates invented a new game in our front room, involving the seven of us sitting around the sides of the room on the many sofas and armchairs that are arranged so, twatting a big inflatable ball at each other. The ball was released from the tyrannical clutches of the Onion […]

good things bad things

Good things Chatting to people that were beginning to fade into urban myth. Little yellow hamster fluff-ball type things, even /without/ the little cardboard hats. Getting random unknown even-to-the purchaser beverages in Xananas. RNDM jubilee-type fireworks displays, sparkly feathery old women and pork “batches”. Bad things Eating wombats. Even if Germans are about. Apparently. Being […]

First blog post ever!

Woot! Weblogs on someone else’s site? How very pleasantly random! 10/10 for Wills site! My reign of terror continues with a bunch of photos from Bows week 22, featuring arty terminator wannabes and suchlike. Namely you lot, you wonderful, wonderful people. *simper* Assuming there’s a parallel universe where anybody cares, I’m in engineering wondering where […]