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London JS Conf

Javascript Conference @ The Prince Charles Cinema Confs set on Flickr

Debbie // Febbie

Female-fronted rock/pop/indie/electro dance party @ The Resistance Galleries Album on FB

Choose your own RWD adventure

There’s been debates up and down the internet about the pros and cons of responsive vs adaptive vs native apps, so it’s easy to get bogged down by buzzwords and semantics. Instead, answer some fairly simple questions about real choices and whether to use RWD will answer itself. Real-world choices How many layouts will you […]

MKGN All Dayer + 12devs

Full day conference in Milton Keynes, plus evening meetup in Shoreditch Set on Flickr

DWV & The Meth Lab

Drag Race stars and local support @ The Black Cap Snaps on Flickr

Welcoming 2014

It’s that time of year again: reflection, resolutions, annual report cards. 2013 was pretty good! Did most of last year’s aims, found an awesome flat with Scott and Bob, improved physically (then threw it away over christmas), went on holiday to Florence, got a new camera and built up a flickr stream I’m fairly proud […]

NYE @ Douche Bag

Bringing the the New Year with a Douche Bag Party @ The Star of Bethnal Green Full album on FB

RWD 101

Over 2013 I immersed myself in the emerging discipline of Responsive Web Design, reading dozens of articles on it, spending a day at a workshop and another at a conference¬†about it, building a half dozen websites with it, and writing pages and pages of notes on it all. It’s been an interesting journey and I’ve […]

Waterfall legacy

I recently wrote about the specter of the “infallible” PSD hanging over the development process, and how it can be damaging to have the success or failure of a site dictated by something that describes a website so poorly. It was taken up by Typecast (which was awesome), edited a bit and posted on their […]


I went to yet another conference last week, but this one was a little different. For one thing it wasn’t a web conference! Mostly not. At Geekyconf there were a load of talks on a load of subjects as well as games and food. It was more about delight than take-homes and it’s hard to […]

Last Dix @ the Star

Last time @ Star of Bethnal Green Next time it’ll be at an new venue! Album on FB


Full day of nerdy talks and awesome In the conf set

Full Frontal

Earlier this month was Full Frontal, a javascript web conference in Brighton. It’s been going for a few years but this is the first I’d attended. Though I’m not as hardcore into JS as many front end devs, I actually found it much more accessible than the jQuery UK conf earlier this year. Basically it […]

“Debug & know thy tools”

As a long time Front End Dev I’ve used Javascript a lot but my focus has always been CSS and I often find debugging JS awkward. So naturally I jumped at the chance to go to a workshop on debugging by Remy Sharp, one of those names that keeps popping up in the field of […]

Social photo metrics

I’m totally sold on new Flickr but the still-old “stats” functionality is super weak. I assume they’re phasing it out as it’s only available if you have the discontinued “Pro” membership, which is sad as it’s rewarding to see the background noise of hits, especially when people stumble across the account and spend a while […]

Halloween ting

@ Star of Bethnal Green Dancing, dressup, facepaint and fighting with cobwebs Ween snaps

“Make it like the PSD”

It’s disheartening to hear this after weeks spent strong-arming HTML/CSS into near-perfect shape; “It looks different” they say. I want to reply “Of course it does, this is a website! That’s a picture of one!” While the early design process likely involved wireframes, sitemaps, user stories and days of client meetings the thing that’s given […]


Just some holiday snaps #sorryboutit Highlights on Flickr