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ReasonsTo be Creative

At three days this has been my longest conference yet. Stayed in a hotel and everything! Flicker!

edit down!

(Cross posted from the company blog at MetaBroadcast) I’ve been taking about a thousand photos a month for years now, and at last month’s #MetaBeerTalks I did a short talk on the reasons why people look at your pics, and how to pander to them (ideally by taking pics of them holding cats). What I […]

PtB Spice Bus @ RVT

This was my favourite Push The Button ever, featuring a Spice Girls theme and pre-club bus tour of London. Better than it sounds, check it out. Flickr!

Conference week(??)

I’m a bit of a fan of web conferences, but even with supportive employers I’ve only been able to take so much time off work. Now I’m a part-timer / contractor while the opportunity cost is more I’m still much more comfortable attending multi-day things like The Web is in October, and Reasons To… Next […]

cake on tap

(Cross posted from the company blog at MetaBroadcast) Hello! I’m Dan. I insist I’m not really a programmer, or a designer or even a photographer, but I’m probably all three. My crippling impostor syndrome battles daily my addiction to creating Stuff, so I compulsively whittle words, code and photos until they’re so supernaturally shiny that […]

Adventures in the West Country

Leap of surewhynot It felt surreal to be going back west a couple of weeks after Glastonbury for similar frolics, this time to take pictures at the Bristol Pride after party. I had no idea what to expect but the trip featured loads of odd situations that made me so happy to have gone, like […]

Bristol Pride after party

Harry Clayton-Wright, Cola Phalquero and I worked the Bristol Pride after party, taking snaps with loads of party people, SUCH FUN. Flickr!

Bianca @ Meth Lab

One of the best Meth Labs I’ve been to. Bianca Del Rio, Myra Dubois and the rest killed it! Flicker!

Subcontracting: fun but hard

I’d spent 3 months thinking about going freelance before I made the jump, so I had a pretty good handle on what it would involve. Or I thought I did! Faff with the finances Yes but 3 months worth?? I was living off savings until the financial stars aligned and I could actually get paid. […]

Glastonbury 2014

Bought an RX100 II at the last minute for Glastonbury and really work out how to use it til afterwards, but hey these photos where just a nice side effect anyways. (It was AMAZING.) Flicker!

Summer Douching

Lots of bankholidays means lots of Douchebag and dancing Facebook

Douche Bag turns two

Happy birthday to the best bankholiday Sunday boogie this side of the river Highlights on Flickr

Underground party

Been a while since I took a camera to a houseparty, fun! Highlights on Flickr

Alyssa @ The Meth Lab

Alyssa Edwards & Laganga Estranga visit the Familyyy Fierce Highlights on Flickr

Going Lo-fi

While I’ve been stressing over the details of going contractor my photography’s been quietly ticking over; I’ve done a couple of nights at Club Debbie and some crowds-eye shots at a couple of drag shows and conferences. I’ve found even half-assed conference shots have legs, probably down to the kind of people on Flickr. I’d […]

Yahoo suck at UX.

I’ve been on Flickr since January 2005, way pre-Yahoo. Never been a power user, but I’ve been a paying member for most of that, after all even when the site was languishing without new features for years it still worked better than its contemporaries. The most awkward thing about it for much of that time […]

Gone contracting

I’m now a contractor! Through Cogs it didn’t take long to find somewhere that needed extra hands on deck, and after months of pure CSS on a big team it’s been a nice change of pace doing all the LESS CSS, JQ, PHP/HTML as the only front-ender on the project. On top of that I’m […]

Debbie – Cher night

Female-fronted rock/pop/indie/electro dance party @ The Resistance Galleries Highlights on Flickr