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RVT Christmas Panto

Such love to the panto and everyone in it, great show second year in a row. Flickr!

Let it be

(Cross posted from the company blog at MetaBroadcast) For a decade now we’ve been told that “pixel-perfect” is an indicator of great finesse in front end dev, and it’s a phrase that still crops up on job descriptions and CVs all over the place. Hell it’s probably on my CV, having done more sites and […]

Halloween 2014

I bloody love Halloween I do. Great excuse to dress up and party and take lots of pictures of others doing the same. It was a couple of weeks ago now but I’m still drowning in photos from TheWebIs conference and the week-long Rupaul’s Drag Race cruise I’m just back from, so while I’m dealing […]

Drag stars at sea: Europe

Such an amazing experience and a privilege to go on this cruise with all these amazing queens. I might sound like I’m gushing but I’m p sure I’m underselling it. Flickr!

TheWebIs in Cardiff

The Web Is was a 2 day web conference in Cardiff, the successor to “Handheld” from the year before, that everyone raved about for what seemed like months, so there was no way I was going to miss it. Especially as part of my effort to go to more multi-day conferences. When the day actually […]

Halloween Wigs

Saturday at an amazing drag-based house party thing. GOD I love Halloween though. Flickr!


Great 2-day web conference in Cardiff: Would recommend. Flickr!

Count to ten

I don’t really like the word depression; it’s terribly reductive and misunderstood by most, probably myself among them. But I was just watching a panel on depression at TheWebIs as part of Geek Mental Help Week which struck home on a fair few points, and what with the discussions around Robin Williams’ death a few […]

socialdata vs datasocial

(Cross posted from the company blog at MetaBroadcast) There’s been a lot of chatter lately about social recommendations at MetaBroadcast Towers, particularly at the recent #MetaBeerTalks. I remember back in 2005 when I joined Flickr and it seemed that open APIs were everywhere, we couldn’t wait to give our data away and The Internet […]

Alaska @ The Meth Lab

Alaska was the best queen I’ve seen yet, which was good because I think the Familyyy Fierce would have left most other “Ru Girls” in the dust. Flickr!

“never meet your heroes”, and other lies.

(Cross posted from the company blog at MetaBroadcast) One of my biggest bugbears are those nonsensical, glib pearls of received wisdom that are so commonplace that they’re rarely questioned. A quick shout on the twitters brought up a few examples; lies like “Cream always rises to the top” (which implies that everyone deserves their station), […]

Birdie Conf

Fresh from spending a week in Brighton for Reasons to be Creative and dConstruct, the following weekend I went to yet another conference! However this one BirdieConf; a one day conference about photography, and only 5 minutes walk from my flat! As if that wasn’t enough reason to go, I’ve been wanting to go to […]

Birdie conf

This great wee photography conf was 5 minutes from my flat! Flicker!

Conference Retreat

As I wrote a few weeks ago I’d never been to a multi-day conference, never mind a whole-week double, so I was quite excited about my trip to Brighton to attend ReasonsTo Be Creative and dConstruct. My fears about not actually talking to anyone were pretty much realised but to be honest that turned out […]

Miss Behave’s Gameshow

Taking backstage and show pics at this literal laugh-riot @ London Wonderground was such SUCH fun! Flickr!

dConstruct 2014

I’ve been to half of the 10 dConstructs and I think this one was the best yet. Powerful stuff. Flicker!

Walkabouts in Brighton

Taking a break to Brighton for a few days, I got to take a lot of snaps of the seafront. Flicker!