Ancient archvies Warning, here be dragons, nonsense and broken links

Easter Douchebag

Because everyone love seasonal chocolate and bunny ears. Flickr!

jQuery UK 2015

Great jQuery-based conference that didn’t actually mention jQuery much, just front-end good times for all! Flickr!

ReasonsTo London

Wee conference down my way. Good speakers, nice venue Flickr!

Latrice @ Methlab

Third time I’ve seen my favourite lip-syncer: Latrice took us to church once again. Flickr!

RVT Christmas Panto

Such love to the panto and everyone in it, great show second year in a row. Flickr!

Drag stars at sea: Europe

Such an amazing experience and a privilege to go on this cruise with all these amazing queens. I might sound like I’m gushing but I’m p sure I’m underselling it. Flickr!

Halloween Wigs

Saturday at an amazing drag-based house party thing. GOD I love Halloween though. Flickr!


Great 2-day web conference in Cardiff: Would recommend. Flickr!

Alaska @ The Meth Lab

Alaska was the best queen I’ve seen yet, which was good because I think the Familyyy Fierce would have left most other “Ru Girls” in the dust. Flickr!

Birdie conf

This great wee photography conf was 5 minutes from my flat! Flicker!

Miss Behave’s Gameshow

Taking backstage and show pics at this literal laugh-riot @ London Wonderground was such SUCH fun! Flickr!