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the night job

The beginning of 2015 was mostly about finding a new place to live (and then working out how to pay for it), but once that was all sorted and I was back to working 5-day weeks the universe decided that was a great time for me to get back into photography, it seems like I […]

Nomadic photos

Where to put my photos seems to be a perennial question. I’ve stuck with Flickr for a decade now but uninspired by their sudden redesign I’ve finally ran out of patience. So where to next? I’ve been getting into Instagram and Twitter more this year, I had high hopes for Instagram particularly as it’s for […]

my first backbone.js

Cross-posted from I’ve worked with a few javascript MVC frameworks before, but I’ve never used one to build something from the ground up. It’s been really interesting not only because of that but because I was working on something that had already been fleshed out in the proof of concept stage, so I figured […]

‘just’ html

Cross-posted from As a front end developer I’ve always operated in the weird no man’s land between web design and software development, doing work that can mostly be described as tinkering and jury-rigging. Years ago it was mostly making the app look like the design, making the design fit the copy and wiring the […]

Easter Douchebag

Because everyone love seasonal chocolate and bunny ears. Flickr!

jQ UK 2015

Getting up early for a conference in another city is always an unwelcome jolt, though a train ride through a crisp early morning can be a nice novelty. Besides Oxford was lovely once I got there; the jQuery UK Conference I was there for hidden down a pretty canal. It’s got to be one of […]

jQuery UK 2015

Great jQuery-based conference that didn’t actually mention jQuery much, just front-end good times for all! Flickr!

ReasonsTo London

Wee conference down my way. Good speakers, nice venue Flickr!

web conferences for 2015

Cross-posted from In 2014, unshackled from the time constraints and employer oversight of full-time employment, I was able to attend a few conferences and workshops(*), including 2 and 3 day affairs where I had to book a hotel and everything. It was quite fancy but I’m not sure I got the full experience; listening […]

The Drag Cruise

What’s a Drag Cruise anyway? So for those that don’t know, there’s a show called RuPaul’s Drag Race; reality TV in as much as a group of people compete in challenges and one is eliminated each episode, but the people competing are all drag queens so the tropes don’t do it justice. They are all […]

self-taught front-enders

Cross-posted from Back when I was at uni the web was relatively young, so while there were a load of courses for software development or graphic design there was nothing at all for web development. Unsurprising then that myself and and every front-ender of the time were self taught. What is surprising is that […]

2015 resolutions

Last year my aims and resolutions were all based around the pretty big change of going freelance, and it’s been (and still is) a ride but my hopes for 2015 are a bit more general. Work at least 15 days a month. Probably need to hustle for new work to keep the learning curve steep, […]

Latrice @ Methlab

Third time I’ve seen my favourite lip-syncer: Latrice took us to church once again. Flickr!

(My) 2014

2014 has been a pretty terrifying year if you look at the news. Or maybe we’re only being made more aware of the horror? Still, from Ukraine to Ukip, Ferguson to Ebola, the No thanks vote, #Gamergate, Yewtree, Robin Williams RIP, to everyone going apeshit for icicles it’s all ugh. So I’m going to get […]