About shoots

Hi there!

I do cute portraits of people under colourful lights; a celebratory and fantastical take in a sea of standardised humdrum. 

Thinking of booking your own shoot? It’s great for self-promotion if you’re a performer, creative or an online brand, but it’s also a fun experience for exploring and improving self-image in a safe environment. Vulnerability and trust is as much a part of it for me as discovery and laughter.

Bookings are closed at the moment but follow my instagram to find out when they’ll be available again!


Perfect for someone who knows exactly what they want, we can quickly set it up, try a few variations, and get that look you’re after.

£100, up to 1hr shoot, 3 portraits included, further edits £15 per portrait

Creative shoot

For those who are not sure what they’re looking for (they just know they want to look great!), we’ll find out together in a safe space what works for you, by exploring a wider range of poses, lighting configurations and techniques. Also includes couple shoots!

£150, Up to 2hr shoot, 6 portraits included, further edits £15 per portrait

Drag showcase

Get those all important promo shots of 3 different looks to get those drag gigs; king or queen or somewhere in between. I’ll post some of our favs on my living.vivid account too!

£100, Up to 1.5hr shoot, 9 portraits included, further edits £15 per portrait

How does it work?

  • Come to my home in Mile End where I’ll have turned the top floor into a pop-up studio, I’ll start by offering you some tea and talking you through the shoot; hopes, fears, expectations, and self image.
  • Depending on how much time you book in we’ll work through a variety of lighting setups, colours, props and poses. I’ll show you some photos as we go, so you can get a sense of how things are turning out and we can change direction as needed.
  • After the shoot, I’ll spend some time working through the photos, making basic edits and whittling them from hundreds to dozens.
  • I’ll send you proofs of those that worked so you can select the ones you want edited and delivered, and also which ones you want deleted for all time.
  • Finally I spruce the chosen ones up and send them to you in high resolution, either via email or my website. If you give the go ahead I might use some on my Instagram or websites too!


If you have any questions, get in touch!